pinterest marketing
is more than just pinning a pretty picture


Let me show you just how powerful it can be for your business


The gal behind The Halcyon Hive and your Pinterest marketing guru.  It's time you stop crossing your fingers hoping that one of those many pins you aimlessly pinned will go viral and get you the traffic that everyone is talking about.  Let me be your guide to teach you the strategy and  tactics to get those results.

hi! i'm cali

It's about understanding who your audience is and showing them how you can help solve their very real problems.  Pinterest is just the beginning of the funnel. Stick around so I can teach how to convert your pinterest traffic into sales and leads.

what is pinterest marketing all about?


It goes back to when I first decided to become an entrepreneur and build a business helping other women.  In sharing my journey, I wanted to provide a support system for other moms to pursue their own career dreams.  

I frequently get asked: "what's the meaning behind the name, The Halcyon Hive?" 

Coming up with a business name is much like naming your child, it has to be perfect. I wanted something that was memorable but also had meaning behind it. 

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I have met and discovered SO MANY amazing, strong, successful female entrepreneurs since starting this journey it's hard to choose just one!  Maybe I'm biased because we are sisters, but Angela of Saffron Avenue has been my biggest supporter, teacher, and inspiration from day one!  She is wildly talented, generous, and just has a good heart. :) 

Who is your entrepreneurial Muse?

I was one of those few people who actually used the degree they graduated with - although, I definitely wasn't planning on it! With a degree in Retail Merchandising & Management and an emphasis in Interior Design, I worked for an award-winning interior design firm in Austin, TX right out of college. It was a blast! After moving to Minnesota during the 2009 recession, I couldn't find a job!  So I took my talents into retail merchandising which then quickly led me into retail management.  About a decade later, I decided to pivot into my true passion - PINTEREST! (VERY scary, but SO worth it!)   

What did you do in your "past-life" aka before becoming an entrepreneur? 

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Consistency!  The number one mistake I see people making when using Pinterest for their business is that they binge-pin one day and then ghost.  In order for Pinterest to see the value you share, try to maintain consistent pinning behavior. 

What is your biggest tip for Someone new to Pinterest?

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