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Tailwind Basics - Mini-Course
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Become a Verified Merchant on Pinterest   (coming soon!)

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Pinterest Starter
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free 3-day Pinterest Optimization

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- A weekly Pinterest marketing checklist covering what you could do each week

- a monthly Pinterest marketing checklist that includes what you should be looking at each month. 

- BOnuses: pinterest stats tracker and Trello board!

- a complete workflow checklist for pin creation and scheduling in Tailwind

-  A workflow checklist for creating a product-tagged pin in Pinterest. 


Are you wondering what the heck you should be doing each week or month for your Pinterest marking?  Or maybe you just want to know how many pins you should be pinning each day and to what boards.  I've heard your questions and I've got your back!  This bundle includes FOUR separate checklists to walk you through how to use Tailwind for pin scheduling, how to create a product-tagged pin in Pinterest, and checklists for your weekly and monthly tasks.  I've also included some bonuses for you! A Pinterest analytics tracking sheet to help you understand the stats I track AND a Trello Board if you prefer your checklists in a project management software.

Stay organized and productive with these pinterest workflow checklists and spreadsheets

pinterest marketing toolkit

- what an optimized (think SEO) description and title should include. 

- An actual example of a pin of my client's that has gotten a ton of reach and engagement

- the elements your pin image should include


You know those pins that always show up in your feed or at the top of your search results?  Well those pins have either been around for years OR they have been strategically optimized .  What does that mean? For a pin to go "viral" it needs to get a lot of engagement (aka clicks, saves, etc.) and in order for it to show up in front of the right audience of people who will engage with it, there are a few key things you need to include.  This free guide gives you a visual example of what should be on your pin and in your description. Check it out!

A visual guide to what to include in a perfectly optimized pin
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Anatomy of a viral pin