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learn how to set up and optimize your pinterest account 

The thought of overhauling your Pinterest account is overwhelming,
I totally get it!

So, to make it easy and keep you on track, I have created this FREE 3-day e-course that breaks it down into manageable, bite-sized actions each day (plus, a few extra bonuses too!) 
Take a peek at the schedule below.


Learn how to:
- Curate and optimize boards that attract your audience
- What you need to create a pin that gets clicks and saves

Day 3


Learn how to:
- Conduct keyword research
- Identify your Audience
- Look at competitors (market research)
- Optimize account name & description

day 2


Learn how to:
- Set up your business account
- Claim your website
- Enable rich pins

day 1

Once you get your account optimized and you set up your pinning strategy, you will  immediately start to see engagements on your pins increase.

This is because your pins are now showing up in front of the right audience!