How to Schedule Pins With Interval Scheduling In Tailwind

Quickly Schedule Pins Up To Two Months Out With Tailwind Interval Scheduling

May 27

Do you know the trick to safely scheduling pins to multiple boards without the risk of going to Pinterest jail?

Interval Scheduling!

By scheduling your pins at specified intervals to your relevant boards, this Tailwind feature spaces them out safely to keep your account from getting flagged by Pinterest. Or worse…suspended!

Plus, it quickly fills your Tailwind queue for months out! Watch as I walk you through to use Tailwind’s interval scheduling option.



The graphic below is an example of how interval scheduling works.  Using 3 pin designs for one (fake) blog post it shows you how you could schedule them to 3 different boards.

The first pin goes out on Monday to the most relevant board first.  Seven days later, that same pin gets pinned to the next (relevant) board, and so on.  The second pin design gets scheduled for Tuesday with a 7-day interval to each board and the third pin design to Wednesday.



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Remember: Always pin to the most relevant board first.


The first pin always gets the most reach with subsequent pins getting less and less, therefore, it’s important to always pin to the most relevant board first.  Why? Because Pinterest uses what it knows about your board (i.e. category, keywords, and content), plus image and keywords on the pin to push it out to the right audience resulting in more saves and clicks.

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