The Game-Changing Tailwind Feature for Pinterest Marketing

Apr 20

Although all of my opinions are my own, as a Tailwind affiliate, I have been compensated for this post.

With more and more people jumping headfirst into their Pinterest marketing strategies, there has been an increase in people’s accounts getting suspended.  The most common reason this happens is if you have pin activity that goes against their spam policies.  So what does this mean?  The short answer is if you pin the same image too many times or too close together, you can get flagged for spammy behavior.

Check out THIS post for a more in-depth look at Pinterest’s Community Guidelines and what to do if your account gets suspended. 

In February 2020, Pinterest did a Facebook Live with Tailwind (you can watch it HERE) where they talked all about Pinterest’s best practices and Tailwind’s newest features.  The biggest takeaway from Pinterest is their number one focus will always be to maintain a positive user experience.   The best way to do this is for content creators (aka us, as brands) to create fresh, high-quality content.  “Fresh” simply means it’s a new image that has not been shared on Pinterest before.  This would include images for new blog posts, new product listings, new lead-magnets, as well as, new images for older posts, products, pages, etc. Pinterest’s sophisticated algorithm can identify whether or not an image is new or it’s one you’ve pinned before.  Fresh images are rewarded with more distribution and reach.


Tailwind’s SmartGuide

So now that you are creating fresh images, let’s talk about how Tailwind can help.   When you create a pin you want it on as many relevant boards as you can to maximize its reach.  The one thing you don’t want to do is go and pin it to all of those boards at once.  This is a big red flag for Pinterest’s spambots. So I would highly recommend not doing that! Instead, use a scheduler like Tailwind to schedule those pins on different days.   There are a few questions I hear asked quite a bit, first, “How many boards can I pin a single pin to?” and “How far apart should the same pins be scheduled to different boards?”  To help clarify these questions Tailwind had made a few updates to their interface.  The first is that they upped the recommended interval schedule time to default to 7 days.  This means when you have a pin going to various boards, you can schedule them to publish at an interval of 7 days or so.  The other major update they rolled out was SmartGuide.



SmartGuide is an amazing little tool to keep you in check with Pinterest’s best practices.  Think of it as your handy little sidekick that will notify you if you are pushing the boundaries a little too much.  What’s really cool is that SmartGuide along with its built-in feature, Spam SafeGuard, will monitor your pinning frequency and notify you if you are exceeding your usual behavior.  Over time, it will also provide easy, actionable recommendations on how to improve your strategy, maintain healthy Pinning habits, and make the most out of your Pinterest activity.

Tailwind is an approved partner with Pinterest so they do an amazing job staying up-to-date with best practices.  It’s likely you may see notifications and tips change over time.  If you are new to Pinterest marketing and are concerned about whether or not you are “doing it right”, look no further than to Tailwind’s SmartGuide.

Are you interested in giving Tailwind a try?  Click the button below to sign up for an account and schedule your first 100 pins for free. (affiliate link)

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If you aren’t using Tailwind yet, drop a comment below and let me know why.  I am always gathering ideas for content to create that will be valuable to YOU.

Finally, if you are frazzled because you don’t know what you need to focus on daily, weekly, or monthly when it comes to Pinterest, I created a bundle of checklists to keep you organized and focused.  Check out my Pinterest Workflow Bundle HERE.


Happy Pinning!


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